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Robot Control Pro is a Powerfull Perl script that stops and ban: Spamrobots,
hackers, file thieves, viruses, badspiders, bad robots, ofline browsers,
security risks, brute force attacks and other abusers.
RCP those it all automaticly and invisable.
Recieve detailed email notifications on abusers.
RCP can do a lot more. See the full future list.

Be amased by the power of Robot Control Pro.

The price for RCP is kept afordable to all webmasters.
Robot Control Pro on one domainname $89 and only $10 for each extra domain.

Protect and monitor your sites with RCP and enjoy all benefits.
Contact us for any questions that you might have.


Click here for rcp full future list.
here for rcp admin area screenshots.
Click here for a note from the RCP coder....
Click here for testimonials from real rcp users

You shouldn't run serious sites without Robot Control Pro. It's not smart!
RCP will guarantee you a continiusly high protection & security level ...

Robot Control Pro Feature List

RCP works fully automaticly and invisable in the background.
There's no manuel actions to take to protect your websites.
There will be no preformance slow downs when rcp is active ...
RCP is compatible with any other cgi or php script running on your sites.
RCP uses very little server resources and is only activated when your
site is under attack or a bot is detected.

RCP will immediately spring into action and report the attack or bot that
is abusing your system and then proceed to prevent them from further access to your site.
Full control on all robots & visitors, allow search engines & deny bad robots

Control search engines allow or deny any to index your site or not.
Stop & ban spiders/robots that ignore your robots.txt file rules

Detailed email alert system on all automatic actions made by RCP.
Turn ON-OFF live email notifications on: search engines visits,
bad spiders, hackers, data thieves, brute force attacks, exploits ect.
All RCP Activity can be viewed in the admin area reports and email notifications.
Information such as time and date of the attack, files requested, IP number,
what type of attack or hack and the user agent reported by the bot are available.

RCP stops spam right at the source by banning email address collecting robots

Protect your movies, sounds, images and other media from robot harvesting
programs such as Teleport, PaqRat, WebCopier, Go!Zilla and other similar software.
Ban programs & abusers based on there Useragent or ip or actions made.

RCP gives you controll on wish programs & actions are allowed or not.
Search Engine Management. Allow or deny search engines to crawl your website.

Create custom security traps or ban rules to protect files & stop abuse

Automatically block bad websites from linking to your sites (hitbots)

Put a end to hotlinking, bandwidth theft and other scripts abuse.

Prevents Wwwhack, Goldeneye, Webcracker and other brute force hacking
programs from breaking into your members area and abusing your service.
Stop all static & proxy brute force attacks, hurlers, hackers, exploits & hitbots

Stop password sharing using the RCP accounts authentication monitor.

Stop file thieves from sneaking around in folders and stealing files

stop and ban offline browsers, page rippers and website copy tools

Automatically stop viruses, worms and serious hack & exploit attempts

stop attackers for illegal file, URL and path requests,
security risks, abuse, root, shell and data access
Sample: /scripts/winnt/system32/cmdexe?/c+dir+c etc

Special RCP warning pages explaining abusers why they are blocked.
RCP will never deny, ban any one without a good reason for it .

Manuelly enter a IP number and ban them. Make it a permenant or time based ban.
Automatically un-ban abusers based on time or amount of banned IP's.

Robot Control Pro has a large advanced password protected admin area
with tools & monitor, statistics, blocked abusers, search engines, blacklist,
ban un-ban, site log files, robots.txt analyzers & anonymous email tool.

Real-time life printable website, traffic analyzing tool and statistics
Details on: Visitors, browsers, bandwidth, top requests, referers etc.

Real-time life access log & error log file reader for optimizing your site

Anonymous email composer - Hide your real IP and email address

Advanced useful .htaccess file tips, tricks and code snippets.
Save Money and Improve server preformance! A single product to put an end
to spam, unauthorized bots and hackers consuming your bandwidth,
content and server preformance.


Robot Control Pro is fast, strong, invisible & compatible with all other scripts

No need to edit any existing files or scripts. RCP is a standalone application!


No need for SSI or time based Cronjobs. RCP works on all Unix, Linux servers.

RCP with your personal license wil be mailed after payment is processed ...

As bonus you wil recieve our script Unicoder for free

Aditonal options explained

Email support & Service support contract
- Higth quality email support. Email use day & night 24/7
and get email support within 4-24 hours We advise you on any security isseu you
might have and create custom traps and ban rules for you at no cost.
We advise for optimal website & server preformance and security.
Reinstall rcp if needed. We answer all your questions fast per email.

RCP Installation service
- Within in 6-48 hours we will profesionally install rcp.
We also run serval tests to be sure that RCP is 100% active and protecting,
monitoring your websites or server.

RCP Requirements

Any Unix-linux Apache based site or server Perl 4/5 ..Not NT!

Installation requires ftp access & ability to upload and run cgi
Robot control pro makes use of a .htaccess file.

With RCP installed you will enjoy safe & happy holidays as you know
that RCP will automatically stop all abusers, attackers and spammers ...

No more high bandwide bills. No more slow loading websites.
No more abusers allowed. RCP is a must & 100% unbeatable.

Purchasing Information

We Accept all Major Creditcards and Online Checks using PayPal
PayPal is our authorized merchants, for buying Robot Control Pro.

Please first sellect your order in the menu's bellow. Then click "place this order".

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Testimonials - From RCP Users - " RCP is truly amazing - The best bang for the bug! "

Real Words From Robot Control Pro Users

I just have to pass this on for those struggling with bots. I recently almost had my site shutdown due to rogue bots and hack attacks, it was driving the server to 80% usage at times. I tried robots.txt entries, .htaccess entries, etc without any luck. I found this product: Robot Control Pro v4.0. I thought, yeah right this sounds way too good to be true. Well I bought it and the developer installed for free, and I have to say I am totally blown away by this app. My guest numbers have gone from a consistent 100 guests online to 50-60 online. The app notifies me on every bot and hack blocking, so today I have blocked over 26 rogue bots and 3 hack attempts. Everything the app claims to do is legit. I was in total hell trying to keep my community from being shut down, and this app has saved the day big time. I have no affiliation with these guys, I am just passing on the info because it helped me sooooo much.

Sross - vbulletin


After the first Hacker Attack on my site. I let install the script and now my page is under full controll from me this script is very easy to handle and have a good navigation in admincenter. "I am extremely happy with this script and also with the great support." This script is going to safe me a lot of cash. I can recommend this script for your member sites "

Webmistress Nylonfactor


" RCP has dynamically banned page rippers, email scripts and Bots from stealing our information on many of our sites. It has now become a standard on all our websites (37 Total) with many IPs banned daily, we rate this Script a 5+ and highly recomend this to anyone who has a website online! Your website security is the first thing you should consider in any website design. RCP can block many forms of direct and indirect attacks. ***** "

Rob Pike


" I can't stop raving about RCP! I love being notified when someone tries to 'hack' into my site, and it's nice to know when real search engine robots are spidering my site. The capabilities of this script are amazing! "

Pam Winter


" It's good to known that anyone who tries to steal or abuse our content or server gets banned. "

Mark van der Berg


" This is a slick piece of work.
The real-time log viewer is awesome. I love that. I added .sit into the files to not allow linking. Sometimes people try to bypass my pages and download my apps directly. I added a source_code trap and corresponding folder to trap those who would seek to steal program source ;-). it's really an important app. "

Samuel Hargis


" like your software it is so great, I will put a link to you on my website on the index.htm page so people can buy it! It is GREAT it is wonderful and has protected me. Have a good day "

Link Digger


" Robot Control Pro is worth every penny! I could not be happier with it than I am. This is the ULTIMATE site protection. Not only does it stop hackers dead in their tracks it gives me greater control over what is going on with my domain. It has cut my bandwidth usage down significantly since it stops many password running programs etc. The ability to easily block IP's is also great. If you run a website with password protection RCP is not an extra, it is a MUST! "

Melanie - webbitch


" I have to say I am 200% satisfied with the RCP script immediately after install it began protecting my site! I had someone attempt to run an offline browser to steal content he was immediately identified and denied access to the site! Not only does the script do all it says it will do. R.J. is the tops in technical support! He revived the old " service after sale" form ofcustomer service! I am one of those people who know just enough to really screw things up, but R.J. fixed all that I "broke" and completed the install. BUT THAT'S NOT ALL... He did not stop there, the installation was completed and two days after install he was testing and tweaking the script to fit my specific needs. Every Webmaster needs this script and if you have an adult site than it becomes a necessity. "

Hal, Webmaster


One of the things I admire about your company is a good product backed with good customer service. You go well above and beyond for your clients. Thank you so much for your quick responses! I will be joining your affiliate program and recommending your product to all webmasters and site owners I know. I have several websites and will be putting a link on them for your product.

Dottie Williams


Thank you so mush Webcomposing for the great support. I'm running a membership site on a dedicated server with lots of movies and i had trouble keeping the leechers and hackers outside. The last few months i had rebooted my server nearly 2 a 3 times a week. It's driving me insane!!! Always same reason. "Out of Memory" Because of the proxy B.F.Attacks. During a attack the server is not available for ftp or browsing it just giving a time out. B.F. Attacks continue for 1 to 4 hours and eat up all server memory and adventually the server will crash. I must reboot the server myself or call the sysadmin. It sucks. R.C.P. 4 is far beyond average. Great work dude! I specially like the ban monitor and the email alerts system. The reboot days are totally over. Its cool to see how RCP stops proxy attacks in seconds. A heavy 4 hours durring attack is stop in 1 a 2 minutes. Most important my server is running smooth and stable. Visitors can finally enjoy the site without hassle or downtimes. Thx i can recommend RCP to any one;-)

Ernst Angelli


RCP Support.

Thank you very much. You are very generous with your information and I do appreciate all that you told to me.
You have a great product. Keep up the good work and I wish you to have much luck in the future.
Your customer for life,

Tammy Hardy


Dear R.C.P. support

Hope all is well. I am still "over the moon" with the way your program just keeps blocking so may attempts to infiltrate my server or my site files... absolutely fantastic.

I have signed up as a reseller and will be putting a number of links and promotion for your program on my website within the next few weeks while I am redesigning it.

Jeffrey Freeman


Hi Webcomposing

Thanks for everything Rene, you're the best!
The Helping Hand of Goodwill Industries

Brian Sulzen


I have to thank YOU

I think RCP is a very very good script and you can be proud on it

Rudi Lehnert


So far I am happy. I still think this is a great product. Keep up the very good work.

Tammy Hardy (Sweet Karmen)


Feel free to use anything Ive said or you would like to say as a testimonial ... I will support your program fully ... I am very impressed with its capabilities ... more than you could imagine.. within only one hour of your completed instal it detected and stopped a spider ...

Digger - TGSWUpdates


After what I just put the poor rene (RCP support) through ... I'd be negligent if I didn't mention that you consider his Robot Control program for your site protection. That man is a gem!... so is the program!

Bec - Lesbian Porn 4 Free

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